The Professional Range

In this range, content drives the user experience. It allows people to understand easily what you do and what makes you special: building understanding and trust.

How it's made

Some businesses need to put extra effort into their website message. This is where a content-driven approach works well. Rather than focusing primarily on visuals, extra attention is given to message clarity, content flow and information structure. This helps the user understand and absorb particular details before making their next move.

Help with supporting visuals

We use interesting and tasteful visual that enhance and keep the user focused.

Clear and to the point

We make it easy for your clients to understand what you can do for them.

Content planning

Since the message is the important part, we help you plan your content first.

Close client coordination

We work closely with you, so your website gels well with the needs of your business.

A look at the Professional package

The Professional package is targeted at smaller businesses whose information needs are more straight-forward than larger companies. Both packages ensures that your company’s distinct value, identity, services and products are clearly communicated and that it stands out from the crowd. Overall, the content planning is deeper than in the essential web design package and whilst premium templates are used to ensure quality output, there is a lot of freedom to customize the layout and styling to make the website your own.

Package inclusions

  • Premium template
  • Page builder
  • 6 main pages
  • 1 blog / news function
  • 2 footer pages
  • 60 days warranty
  • 1 year free hosting

Website features

  • Well integrated content
  • Style guide
  • Photography and icons
  • Project guidance

Website Features

Our websites are built to a high technical and design standard. For most projects, we use WordPress, which is the industry standard. The website (and all its code) is yours to keep, and you are free to improve your website after it's built. They are constructed with ease of maintenance, ease of improvement, SEO and digital marketing in mind.

Top features

  • Premium construction
  • Easy to add pages
  • Easy to edit
  • Easy to expand
  • Optimized for fast loading

Mobile friendly

Your website will function well, regardless of where they are viewed. It will adjust to fit the device automatically. This includes smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Advanced editor

After launch, you will be able to alter your website through a Drag and Drop editor. You can add new sections, pages and functions easily, without coding.

Best technology choice

Starfish's technology stack ensures that you are the least reliant on your developer, you have the lowest ownership costs and hassle and the freedom to improve and move.

Premium Tools

Preloaded into your website are a range of industry standard tools that keep your website safe and allow you to improve your website yourself.

90 days warranty

Upon launch, your website will be under warranty for 90 days against any bugs and software errors that may arise.

1 year free hosting

All website packages come with 1 year's free hosting with Starfish’s hosting service. This includes set up and launching. The hosting service is managed for you.

Highly modular

For the most projects, we use WordPress since it is cheap and easy to modify. You can easily to swap in and out functionality without the need of developers.

Easy to maintain

All websites need maintenance. The trick is to keep the costs down by making maintenance easy. It is possible for you to easily maintain your website - or we can maintain it for you.

Fast loading pages

Websites are optimized to load quickly. This is done by reducing file sizes and using quality plugins only. Website speed affects search engine ranking.

About our service

Our goal is to make websites as affordable as possible without compromising on quality. To achieve this, the Starfish team works closely with you, applying our unique system. Our system is a collection of techniques and processes which are applied in different ways, depending on the type of website you need.

The Starfish Advantage

  • Modern, efficient tools.
  • Unique approaches to making websites.
  • Collaborative, team players.
  • Ongoing relationships.

Close client collaboration

Our relationship with our clients is unique and special. We work closely with our clients so that the results are exact and non-generic.

Friendly team approach

We work in small teams so that there is a good level of specialization on each team. You get to work directly with the members on your team.

Quality Assurance

Your friendly coordinator will make sure that your website is complete and without errors before and after launch.

Plenty of guidance

At every step, we will help you understand your choices, guide you through the process and be open about what they are doing.

15 years’ experience

Starfish is continuously improving, and you have the full weight of our lengthy experience behind you and your project.

Direct international experience

Starfish works directly with end clients from around the world. We do not outsource and we appreciate cultural differences.

Efficient construction

Your website gets built quickly without missing steps or rushing. We use the most modern techniques and strategies to achieve this.

Unique approaches

Our approach is non-generic. Your website will be built in a particular way, suitable to your requirements and business goals.

A lasting relationship

There is always a line open for you. Our clients stay with our for many years since our service is reliable and communication is easy.

Package price

For a Professional website prices start at:

100,000 1960 2700 1730 1450

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