Services and know-how

For all our staff, clients and potential clients - here we try to give a transparent and practical overview of all things web. You will find in-depth information on important subjects as well as the products and services we offer at Starfish.

Web Design Packages

Packages Overview

Our packages are different. Understand what makes our packages special.

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Basic Package

Targeted at small businesses that gives need a professional touch at an affordable price.

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Essential Package

Targeted at small businesses that need a visually coordinated website.

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Commercial Package

To sell or showcase products online. The commerce package is product-focused package.

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Professional Package

For websites that have a deeper focus on content so that services are easier to understand.

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Corporate Package

For companies that have a larger structure and need precise information delivery.

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Web Design Services

Website Revamps

Learn about the options and things you need to consider when replacing an old website with a new one.

Learn more about revamps

Custom Websites

If your website needs are somewhat unique, in terms of design or technicalities. Learn the ins and outs here.

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Templated Websites

Templates: the good, bad and ugly. Learn how to use them and how and why they are normally the best choice.

Learn more about templated websites

Creating Wireframes

Wireframes are a great way to visualize how everything will fit together, leading to a better fitting website.

Learn more about wireframes

Responsive Websites

Most websites are responsive (change layout to fit on different devices) but there are differences.

Learn more about responsive websites

Content Planning

Your website is all about content, yet often its treated as an afterthought. Let's fix this.

Learn more about content planning

Content Writing

Among other things. We can help you write content, research and fill in the gaps. Here's a run down.

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Strategic Web Planning

A strategy is a master plan. Websites are important to your business, so it helps know the interplay.

Learn more about strategic web planning

Competitive Analysis

Let’s understand how to make your website better than everyone else’s by looking at what other website do.

Learn more competitive analysis

Complementary Services

Hosting Services

Learn the ins and outs of hosting. How much you need to spend and what you'll need consider.

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Brand Identity

Branding can be full-on expensive. Starfish will show you how to think about it practically.

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Help with photography

Photos make or break a website. It's all about the visuals. Let's dive into how to get amazing images.

How we help with photography

Business Websites

Small business websites

A Small business website is the marketing tool that you needed yesterday. Learn how to get the most out of it

Learn about small business websites

Corporate websites

A corporate website is the Swiss army knife of websites. It carries a lot of weight on its shoulders. Learn more about this tool

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Industrial websites

Industrial websites are vital for sales and marketing but they must be made carefully, since all industries have their needs.

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Product oriented websites

A product oriented website doesn't sell online but like e-commerce website focuses mainly on products, rather than the company or its services.

Read about product oriented websites

E-commerce websites

E-commerce websites sell things online. Here's a rundown of the various parts of an e-commerce website

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Consumer oriented websites

Consumers are fickle creatures. They're visual, emotional and impatient. Learn how to appease and win them over.

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Professional services websites

When people look for a professional, what do they look for? Expertise, trustworthiness are just for starters.

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Local business websites

Learn how to use a website to market to people near you. Learn the features your website and marketing campaign need.

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B2B websites

Here we discuss generally how a website for a business can target its clients which are other businesses.

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Website Maintenance

Service Overview

To the uninitiated, its quite surprising that websites need an form of maintenance. Why maintain?

Learn about web maintenance

Website Optimization

A faster website means a better user experience which really means a higher ranking in Google.

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Website Improvements

Like people, websites can always be improved. A better website means more popularity.

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Security and administration

Here's an introduction to website security and day to day administration.

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Digital Marketing and SEO

Service Overview

Get the highlights of our Digital Marketing and SEO service. Why are we good for you.

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Holistic Digital Marketing

Learn why an all-round approach is the best approach for most businesses.

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Holistic SEO

Just like Digital Marketing, SEO benefits from an all-round approach - at least at the beginning.

Holistic SEO

Google My Business

Essential to all businesses of any size with a physical location.

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Google Analytics Services

Measure who visits your website, where they come from and how they use your website.

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Content Optimization

Improving your content for readers as well as search engines. This should be done regularly.

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Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Overview

Take a look at our main services and the benefits of working with us for graphic design

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Making Logos

Learn about the different approaches to making a logo.

How we make logos

Logo Design Portfolio

Here are some of the logos we've created over the years.

See sample logos

Marketing Collateral Portfolio

Here are examples of our digital and print marketing materials.

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Web Development Services

Web Development Overview

Starfish are experts in PHP and WordPress website development.

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PHP development

Learn about PHP development and how we use it in some projects to make complex websites

How we make logos

PHP support

After your PHP website is built, comes the fun part of fixing and tweaking and simplifying.

How we make logos

Website development

We will explain from a technical point all the concepts of developing a website

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WordPress development

WordPress development is quite different to PHP development. Understand when and how to use it.

Understand WordPress development

WordPress support

WordPress websites can get very complicated and messy. Understand how we can support complex websites

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