Packages made for business

Unique packages for different types of businesses.

Each Starfish package has a different construction method, resulting in websites with different qualities and characteristics.

Our approach makes websites that are better suited to the businesses they represent.

Web Packages Overview

Packages are technically very similar. They all use high quality WordPress plugins and software. The main difference between them is the planning and design process each having a different level of planning, design and help with content. 


Clear and Simple
  • Simple visuals
  • Clean design


Clean and pretty
  • Attractive design
  • Visual planning


For online shops
  • Product driven
  • e-commerce


Trustworthy, Informative
  • Content driven
  • Trust building


Precise content
  • Deep planning
  • Precise layouts

Why Starfish packages are better

The type of business you have has a big impact on the type of website you need, as well as what your users will expect to see. Starfish packages consider the type of business you have as well as your content needs. This makes our websites clean, simple, effective and excellent value for money.

tailored service

1) A tailored service

Our service starts by understanding your business objectives and your requirements in detail. We will help you formulate a "plan of attack" that's practical and affordable.

2) Guidance and know-how

For 15 years, Starfish has been guiding clients and gaining international experience in making websites. Our web expertise is extensive.

guidance and know how
long term partners

3) A long-term partner

Our goal is to look after your needs now and in the future. We are fair, honest and transparent and make recommendations that are in your best and long-term interest.

Affordable, reliable web work

Our mission is to help you get creative, design and development work as affordably as possible without compromising on quality and reliability of service.

All packages come with support and guidance

Starfish is all about service. We give you plenty of extras, plenty of guidance and communication that ensures your experience before and after your website is launched is smooth and seamless.

Close client collaboration

Our relationship with our clients is unique and special. We work closely with our clients so that the results are exact and non-generic.

Team approach

We work in small, collaborative teams. There is a good level of specialization on each team. You can work directly with each member.

Quality Assurance

Your friendly coordinator will make sure that your website is complete and without errors before and after launch.

Plenty of guidance

At every step, we will help you understand your choices, guide you through the process and be open about what they are doing.

15 years experience

Starfish is continuously improving. You have the full weight of our lengthy experience behind you and your project.

Direct international experience

Starfish works directly with end clients from around the world. We do not outsource and we appreciate cultural differences.

Efficient construction

Your website gets built quickly without missing steps or rushing. We use the most modern techniques and strategies to achieve this.

Unique approaches

Our approach is non-generic. Your website will be built in a particular way, suitable to your requirements and business goals.

A lasting relationship

There is always a line open for you. Our clients stay with us for many years since our service is reliable and communication is easy.

Take a closer look at our packages

Basic Package

Simple, minimalist, clean, small websites
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Essential Package

Aesthetically pleasing, perfectly planned websites.
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Professional Package

Informative, trust-building, content-focused websites
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Commercial Package

Online shops built with Shopify or WooCommerce.
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Corporate Package

Expertly planned content-focused webstes
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