PHP support services


PHP support service

Starfish has trained developers that supports code made in WordPress and Laravel. We also support other MVC frameworks and home-grown systems too.

Our developers support your website, post launch so that you can iron out the bugs and keep on improving it.


All PHP-based systems are different and there needs to be some time spent in training and familiarizing with the code before any support work is attempted.

This is important because failure to go through an onboarding process will result in slow support which gives the impression the developer is not up to the job.

The onboarding process can take a few days to about 10 days for complex website

Staging sites

Staging sites should be created either on your server or our servers for testing and development purposes.

Task Management Process

Each client has their own variation to issue management and progression. Our basic process is based on Kanban / Scrum, where there are several column including:

  • Blocked
  • Backlog
  • To do next
  • Doing
  • Stage Testing
  • Live Testing
  • Completed

If your PHP project has lots of tasks then this is the collaborative process we would use. For smaller or slower moving projects, this may not be needed.

Proactive support

There is the option to allocate a monthly budget to support tasks such as:

  • Speed optimization
  • General testing
  • Code cleaning
  • SEO