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Why Starfish is the right choice

It's a positive experience

We listen to you and we communicate. We try our best to find the neatest solutions for you and do what's in your best interest. You'll find working with Starfish a smooth and productive experience.

It makes life easier

Web work can be overwhelming because (if it's done right) there are many tiny jobs and things to think about. Starfish keep things simple and organized so everyone's life gets a little bit easier.

We're trusted

Every day, businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on us to help them succeed. They depend on us to be there for them, to remind them, look out for them and help them with their day-to-day digital needs.

We take care of everything

Get guidance, ideas, know-how, tools, services and experience. We have everything you need to promote your business and to build, maintain and improve a quality digital presence.

About Starfish

Located in the Philippines, Starfish works closely with clients from all four corners of the globe.

For the last 15 years, we've worked with SMEs, entrepreneurs and corporations in many different industries and in many different countries.

We’re dependable and we get to know you well.

Our mission is to help everyone, everywhere, get creative, design and development work as affordably as possible without compromising on quality and reliability of service.

Just dropping you a quick note to thank you and your team for a job very well done - with so little resources to boot! ;p
White canadian maple leaf symbol with gray drop shadow on red round shape in flat style. Graphic element for design saved as an vector illustration in file format EPS 8
Madelline Romero (Canada)

Our philosophy

Simplicity, Transparency, Collaboration.

Digital work is a careful blend of technology, design, content and business sense.

To find simple and elegant solutions, we need to openly work together, balancing all the factors involved.

By working with you, we get to see the bigger picture.

By working with Starfish, you discover what's best for your business.

I enjoy working with Kimmy on projects. She is always quick to respond and to follow up on any requests.
Jamie Robinson (AUSTRALIA)

Who we work with

Starfish works with companies from all over the world.

We work with business owners, marketing departments, startups, NGOs, publicly listed companies, industrial manufacturers, service providers.

Our clients choose us because we offer excellent value for the high level of service and expertise we provide.

Our clients stay with us because we’re easy to work with, we’re always there for them year in, year out.

Please congratulate the entire team for the excellent work that was completed with UNDP in this and previous contracts. I would be personally very happy to act as a reference for Starfish in any capacity.
Matthew McKinnon (SWITzerland)
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