Better websites, made affordable

The only way to get quality web work at an affordable price is to work efficiently with an affordable team.

Starfish makes better websites because we simplify everything, allowing everyone involved to work together smartly.

Starfish Web Design Philippines

There are four parts to our system:

1. Different ways to build websites

Starfish has four different approaches to building websites, resulting in a better fitting website.

2. Visual planning tools

Our tools accelerate design communication - making it easier for you and Starfish to share creative ideas.

3. Collaborative team players

Your Starfish team work work closely with you. They are organized, effective and affordable.

4. An ongoing relationship

Our clients stay with us for years. Once you’re set up, its easy to keep your website up to date.

About Starish

Located in the Philippines, Starfish works closely with clients from all four corners of the globe.

For the last 15 years, we've worked with SMEs, entrepreneurs and corporations in many different industries and in many different countries.

We’re dependable and we get to know you well.

Our mission is to help everyone, everywhere get creative, design and development work as affordably as possible without compromising on quality and reliability of service.

“Just dropping you a quick note to thank you and your team (already relayed this on Rock) for a job very well done - with so little resources to boot! The team, especially the Executive Director, was very happy. Well, obviously, considering where their former website came from. ;p”
- Madelline Romero (Canada)

Our philosophy

When it comes to web work, you need access to talented people that understand your business and precisely what you need.

That's why our approach is collaborative. We work with you and with each other so that we can find the best solutions as efficiently as possible.

By working with you, we understand you better.

By working with Starfish, you appreciate what’s possible and what’s best for your business.

“It’s a good time to give feedback on how things are going and what is happening in my business. I enjoy working with Kimmy on projects. She is always quick to respond and to follow up on any requests. I feel from my business things are starting to grow and that I’ll need more to rely on Kimmy and your staff there to help me with client and project work”
- Jamie Robinson (Australia)

Who we work with

Starfish works with many types of companies from all over the world.

Our services are broad and personal - since no two clients want quite the same thing.

Our clients choose us because we offer excellent value for the level of service and expertise we provide.

Clients stay with us because we’re easy to work with, we’re always there for them year in, year out.

“Well done for all the great work and I hope we can also collaborate in the near future once more. Please congratulate the entire team for the excellent work that was completed with UNDP in this and previous contracts. I would be personally very happy to act as a reference for Starfish in any capacity.”
- Matthew McKinnon (Switzerland)

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