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Work with a friendly team. Work from home

Starfish is a Philippine web design agency with international clients. We are on online team of talented individuals working together, working from home.

About Starfish

After 15 years, Starfish closed its office doors and embraced WFH. We love working online, and we're not going back to the old way.

No more office politics, no more commute! We get more done, and we enjoy the independence WFH brings. Learn more about Starfish.

Work, Live And Learn

A lot of us are waking up to realize that 9 to 5 isn’t the only way to get ahead.

Starfish hires who want to find their balance between working, learning and living.

Starfish offers flexible work schedules, a means to develop your skills, interesting projects and collaborative team members to help share the work.

What we do at Starfish

Starfish clients come from all over the world. Some are large, most are small. We work closely with all our clients. Our work is incredibly individual: no two projects or clients are ever the same.

Some clients need intricate designs, strategic SEO, good branding and complex functionalities, others want something quick and simple. We do it all, and we do it as a team.

Web work is team work

Web work is best done as a team work. There are too many skills for anyone to know perfectly, so we work in collaborative online groups, with the client included sometimes. This means you’ll learn from others and rely on others to get a job done.

Why you should join us

Starfish is relaxed, flexible, safe, open and productive environment. The work is never boring and each new project you work on will be different from the last.

There’s lots of training and mentoring and will always have the support of your teammates.

  • You will work with interesting clients.
  • You will learn career-enhancing knowledge and skills.
  • You will master the right techniques and know when to apply them.
  • We encourage creativity and productive thinking.
  • We have a relaxed, but energetic atmosphere.

What we are looking for

Over and above any technical, design or organizational skills, we’re looking for people that can communicate, organize and check their own work, ask questions when they don’t know something.

To apply, send your resume to