Facebook Ads: The Top Pros and Cons


Facebook ads are paid advertisements that you can place on Facebook to promote your business or website. Facebook Advertising is for those wishing to build a brand in a faster and more efficient way as Facebook ads can target a specific audience. Ads are pushed in front of people and that creates awareness. A Facebook ad can be customized in several ways based on your budget and goals.

Meanwhile, another popular advertising platform is Google. Like Facebook ads, Google ads help you tailor and direct your ad to a specific demographic. But unlike Facebook ads, Google ads are for people who are looking for something on Google. Instead of your ads showing on Facebook’s social media feed, they will show up when a user searches for a topic related to your ad on Google. So they are already aware and are looking further information on that subject.

As part of a holistic approach to Digital Marketing, you should consider both. In this article, we’ll tell you the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook ads.

Advantages of Facebook

Advertising on Facebook feels more intuitive that advertising on Google. Whilst Google is cheaper overall, it can be expensive if you don’t carefully monitor your ad spend and the results its achieving.

It’s recommended to start with Facebook ads before progressing on to Google Ads. This is a must specially if you’re just starting to build your brand and is unsure of your goals. Facebook ads will help in opening you in digital marketing at low cost price.

Facebook Likes

No one likes an ad on Google – but it’s possible to gain a wider audience if you boost an ad and that ad gets liked – and once people like you, it’s easier for them to be kept up to date with your brand.

Behavioural Targeting

With Facebook, you can target people in a different way than Google. Targeting people by their hobbies and interests can be a successful way of growing a larger following.

Micro targeting

The ability to target a very specific group of people is easier. Combined with the right personalized advert, this strategy may be more effective.

Disadvantages of Facebook Advertising


People who do see your ad have given no indication that are in the market for what you are offering. Whereas this does exist when someone types a search phrase into Google.

Time to create ads

The ads need to be visual and interesting. They might not even appear to be ads, more like content, since people don’t like to be advertised at – they like to be cajoled.

The thought and time that goes into creating the creative content for the ad will be higher. Ads are text, so you can create plenty of ads with different messages faster.

Facebook as a platform

Facebook is used by the largest corporations in the world. People are drawn to large brands and they are interested to see their brand at play.

For smaller companies that aren’t brand names – how do you resonate with your followers and how does that lead to sales down the line?

Facebook isn’t for everyone

Facebook takes a lot of effort to create a following. When you have that following, how will that help your business? You have to consider the users who would see your Facebook ad.

Have a plan

Have a thought-process behind building a following.

Sometimes there is no way of knowing what will work and the best strategies may fall flat, so it might be beneficial for you to try Facebook ads.

Don’t be afraid to try out new ideas because new ideas may give you clues and help you find your voice on Facebook.