Holistic Digital Marketing: Best approach to marketing?


What is holistic digital marketing?

A holistic approach refers to a natural, all-round approach to digital marketing.

It’s a long term and cost effective approach that is based on the client working in collaboration with the agency that can teach them and help them execute a variety of digital marketing techniques.

The benefits of holistic digital marketing

With a more traditional hand-off approach, the digital agency applies a few techniques that boost rankings and sales. It’s more expensive and focused on short term gains.

Holistic digital marketing is affordable and strategic because it’s done at a slower pace and in a more collaborative setting.

Efforts are spread across more marketing channels, rather than concentrating on a few.

This matters because digital marketing is an integral any modern business. With a holistic approach you are able to understand what works and why it works.

Holistic digital marketing allows you to sustainably improve your marketing efforts – giving better results overall.

The drawbacks  of holistic marketing

If you’re in a competitive market and you need results now, you’re going to need an aggressive approach. A traditional digital agency will be able to do that more effectively.

Who should use a holistic approach?

Small business owners

With a holistic approach, you’re able to get involved and learn and save money in the process. Particularly if you’re in competitive environment, you need a scrappy and creative approach.


Entrepreneurs need to be hands-on so that their digital marketing campaigns are in their control. An entrepreneur will know who they want to target and will want to be hands-on.

B2B  businesses

B2b business require putting out specialist content that resonates as well-crafted and knowledgeable. It’s about quality, not quantity.


Like a B2B business, it’s important that marketing efforts are intelligently applied and personal. There is so much to do so a sustained effort is the best approach.


Corporations will have their own marketing department that will have their way of doing things. Collaborating with a digital agency will allow them to cover more ground, yet retain overall direction of the marketing strategy.

Basic things to get you going

Learn about online promotion

Use this guide as a starting point to understand the basics of digital marketing. Armed with knowledge you’ll be able to collaborate more effectively.

Create all your accounts

Some basic accounts may include

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business

Study your competition

Get a feel for what other people are doing. You’ll notice a lot of similarities but you’ll also notice a lot of differences.

Use this to build up a better understanding of what will work for you and your business.