Website Revamping: Top 9 Reasons to Revamp Your Website


From time to time, a business will need reevaluate their existing website and possibly find a new provider. The question is how much will it cost and what’s involved.

What is a website revamp?

Revamping a website means making major improvements, structural changing or renovations to an existing website.

A website revamp can entail making improvement to the existing website code base but more often than not – it means creating a new website and transposing some or all the content to the new website platform.

For some the term “website revamp” simply means getting a new website bearing in mind that an old website already exists.

To revamp or start afresh?

It can be tempting to start completely afresh and not look back at what’s already been achieved (or not achieved)

We often forget how hard the website was to make in the first place and its only when you start going through the entire process again, you do remember why certain choices were made.

There are good reasons why a website revamp is often better than a restart – the main reason being your time and energy.

How much would a website revamp cost?

When you already have a website and you want a new one, there are more technical things to consider than if you didn’t have an existing website.

Due to the cost of considering what has previously been created, a website revamp isn’t always a quick job.

The cost depends on many factors and it really depends on why you are revamping your website as well as the extent of the revamp.

Top reasons to revamp your website

The top reasons people revamp their website are:

Your website is outdated

Your website is simply out of touch with modern standards of content, user needs and expectations. Users have gotten more sophisticated and your competition has upped its game.

It’s time for you to up your game too, understand and meet the needs of your users and provide them with the information that they need. In this scenario, a website revamp is highly needed in order to not compete in the current market.


The website hasn’t been kept up to date for years

Websites need continuous maintenance but if you don’t have the people in place to do it, then a website can get stale within a few years, depending on how well it was built in the first place.

Minor errors or error messages may have appeared on the front of the website and the state of the website can no longer be ignored

With minor cosmetic enhancements and technology updates, a website can be brought up to date quite easily.

However, this is a great opportunity for you to engage with a proactive company that can look after you website, make improvement for you, so this doesn’t happen again.

Your business has changed and your website hasn’t kept up

Businesses are growing, shifting entities.

They need to adapt to the changing market landscape. Brands evolve, companies improve but website don’t always adapt along with the business.

Even with continuous updates of the about us, services and products – a website can go out of sync and not be an accurate representation of the company’s brand and nature.

This would be a time to dig deeper, look into what the company truly is and possibly start again with fresh ideas and a fresh approach.

Your website is using old technology

Website technology changes very quickly. There are daily updates and security patches that keep things safe and functioning.

Every five years or so, there are fundamental changes. Your website may be 2 or 3 major versions back of an underlying technology like Bootstrap or WordPress or using an unpopular technology like Drupal, which was a much more prevalent choice 5 years ago.

Your site may be unresponsive (I doubt it) but this is an example of a fundamental shift in approaches to web design.

Another one coming over the horizon is the use of Grid CSS.

The point is technology changes continuously and your website will eventually become technologically obsolete. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, you’ll need a website revamp.

People aren’t staying long on your website

This is another way of saying your website was badly made but with a slant to content and user experience. It could be because your website is slow or isn’t very interesting but it could also point to good digital marketing campaign that hasn’t been followed through to a good website.

Content is the reason people stay, and if your website hasn’t got good content, then making  a new website might be better approach than appending new content into an existing website – making it look clunky.

It’s difficult to edit your website

Sometimes, you get an amazing looking website with all the latest features, only to find out after it’s been handed over that it’s hard to edit and update.

You have to continuously call your web developer for even the smallest of changes. This proves to be expensive and frustrating.

If this is the case then you need a new website but you can more or less keep the existing design and go for a friendly drag and drop editor like Elementor, which is what we use for a lot of our newer projects. When it comes to this, website revamping is a more cost-effective choice in the long run than keeping your current website.

The website is running slowly and is costly to maintain

Modern websites are faster and easier to maintain. Particularly with WordPress, it’s generally known that speed can be an issue and they usually are at pains to let it be an issue.

You can read about website optimization here. It’s usually quite straightforward to improve the speed of a website.
However, there could be a more fundamental issue with the amount of plugins used, in which case a deeper analysis and a possible website revamp is in order.

The website is new but badly made

This one comes to our attention quite often. The client went for something cheap (or expensive) and got given the run around.

The website doesn’t make sense. There are functionalities that are confusing. It’s a mess.

It takes a lot of courage to start again and you might be tempted to make minor changes. Unfortunately, looking at the mess a previous developer made is often more expensive that starting again, so a website revamp is advisable.

The relationship with the person who made your website has soured

This matter is often related to the one above – where the website was made badly in the first place but there are plenty of other reasons why a relationship with a developer can sour.

Lack of communication, slow response, scope of work problems, delays – the list goes on. Unfortunately, you would need to establish a newer business relationship to a web professional. This might be for the best however – as they might have better methods that would reflect on website revamping.



Website Revamping: What will you keep and what will you rethink?

The main areas that can be kept or discarded are:


Has the look of your company changed significantly? Do you wish to refresh the look of the entire company, its color scheme and logo? You may help with branding in the early stages.


Do you have new products and services. Is the content in your old website badly written. Content standards change over time. Information needs to be more user-centric and longer.

Digital Marketing strategy

Does your current website fit in with an overall Digital Marketing and SEO plan. Quite often Digital Marketing and SEO are done after the website has been created. This means that your marketing strategy can be out of sync with the information on your website.


The design and layout of your website may have not kept up with the times.


Technology changes every 5 years and your code can get old, messy and bloated. This makes it hard to keep tidy and error free.

Content Management System

Are you happy with your current CMS or will you be thinking you wanted something easier to use. Content management platforms are getting easier to use, driving down costs of website maintenance and improvements.

Page structure

Your pages grow and change over time. Which pages still make sense? Can you join pages together? Do you need to spread information out over several pages?


Quite often website are overly complicated. They will have functionalities like chat, search, filters, translation that were put in for future proofing. The code remains there in place, cluttering and slowing the site down.

5 different website revamp strategies

There are degrees of website redesign and website revamping. Here are a few to help you appreciate the levels of effort needed for a website revamp.

1: Stay close to the original design but move to a fresh platform

Moving to a new platform is a website revamp that involves creating a brand new website using the latest technology keeping the design and content.

This can be a great move since the most costly part of making a website is knowing the design and content.

The actual technology (particularly for the average business website) is very straightforward.

The reasons why you may chose this is because your website has great branding and content but the site itself is getting old and difficult to maintain.


2: Change to a new theme but keep everything else the same

You may want to use this technique if your content is fairly okay but the look is a bit dated and you want an affordable and fairly easy solution.

Themes are bundled color schemes and layouts. Newer themes are much more flexible than older ones.

You can change a theme and keep the plugins, the settings, the page structure the same.

The changing of theme takes a few minutes but it’s not a completely smooth process. There will be lots of content to rearrange and design work to do.

Nonetheless, if you have an old WordPress website, this is a good way of doing a website revamp without spending too much money.


3: Keep the original content but redesign the look

This type of website revamp involves a design stage, rather than relying on a theme to provide you with the look.

The results of rethinking the look through a planning and design phase will give a much more polished feel to the final result.

At the same time, it can allow you to keep closer to the original flow, except with the improvements that a professional designer can bring.

The reason why you may want to redesign a website but keep the original content is because you spent a lot of time developing your content but your website was badly designed or not designed at all (it used a template) And this is harming your brand.


4: Move only some of the content over but rethink a lot of things

This is akin to making a new website, so it’s far easier to start afresh, going through a planning, design and build process.


5: Stay on the current website platform and make improvements to it

If your website is newish or is quite complex – and therefore too costly to rebuild, you may decide to stay with the current platform and make minor tweaks to it over time until it appears like something new.

Quite often you can do a website revamp with a few design enhancements, better choice of photos, improvements to spacing and alignment.

If this is the case, you can use our Ongoing Digital Support service for this task.

Search engine considerations

If you have an old domain with links going to it and its subpages, you have to consider the effects of losing those links if you start again with a new platform and a new domain.

You can lose “link juice” – the ranking your website gets from the backlinks going towards your website.

There are ways to keep the link juice – you just have to make sure your current development company is aware of this, as sometimes they development people don’t consider these things unless it’s brought to their attention.

Planning before you begin

A website revamp can seem like a simple task but may end up being a much larger task than expected because new ideas come up when you are going through the process.

Therefore it’s always good to do a bit of upfront planning and scope management

Unless you’re going for anything but the minor polishing, here are a few things you can do to plan ahead.

  • Take stock of the content you are going to keep, put it in a spreadsheet or document.
  • Detailed assessment of what you don’t like about your website.

Get a professional assessment

Starfish can assess your website for you and let you know what needs changing and the best way to go about website revamping.