WordPress support


The Starfish WordPress support service covers all aspects of WordPress support including

  • Website maintenance
  • Website speed optimization
  • Security and administration work

In addition we often support our clients with

  • Graphic design
  • Digital marketing and SEO

WordPress Website Support

The average (but actively maintained) WordPress website will need between 10 to 20 hours all-round support per month. Our support service is ongoing but if there are no maintenance tasks, nothing is charged.

Large WordPress Website Support

Starfish supports larger and more complex WordPress website.

Complex website are quite different to each other and on boarding, staging sites and training will be needed before we attempt to fix or improve anything.

For larger WordPress sites

  • There is PHP support
  • WordPress development

Larger sites tend to need more support particularly in the areas of

  • Speed optimization
  • Bug fixing
  • Plugin support
  • Functional enhancements

Proactive Support Service

Our ongoing service is custom and geared towards entrepreneurs, small business owners as well as larger corporations that need website support.

Our service can be proactive or passive. In other words, we can go ahead and make week on week regular fixes or we can wait for your instruction.

Price for WordPress Support

A monthly or yearly budget is discussed before commencement. The budget would represent the maximum amount of hours spent per month. The minimum amount would be zero. i.e. if nothing is done, then nothing is charged.

A recommended budget for a small but active website would be 20 hours per month.

Visit our prices to get a feel for your budget.

WordPress Optimization

With small amounts of tweaking, the performance of a WordPress website is much improved. WordPress is made up of many files, with lots of PHP code written by different developers.

WordPress needs to be fine-tuned in order for it to run quickly and without error.

WordPress Improvements

Post-launch, your website should be improved on a regular basis. Websites are never perfect at the time of launch and it’s not practical to keep the launch waiting until all ideas are in.

Changes to the content, design and front end functionality will ensure that users’ get the best user experience from your website.

Website Bug Support

Our technical team are on standby to rapidly fix any issue that may arise on your website from time to time.

Errors may include:

  • Caching errors
  • Login errors
  • Expired licenses
  • Database discrepancies
  • Logic errors
  • Changes to functionality
  • API anomalies
  • Plugin incompatibilities