Logo portfolio

Designing a logo is sometimes part of the branding work we do for our clients. We treat each logo project with fresh eyes and a special touch. To understand our logo design process click here.

UNDP climate change campaign

Our logo is being used by the UNDP for several of its ongoing campaigns against climate change.

Work was quick, as we took a very random approach. No briefing was necessary. Just plenty of tries.

Conceptual logo study

This was one of four deep studies carried out by our designer. The process here was more thoughtful and lengthier.

Our designer added notes so that they client appreciate (and therefore participate) in the thought process.

Color logo study

This was for a former Australian client for a NGO that does work with women going through cancer treatment.

When there is a tight brief, logos studies are sometimes carried out in color with little need for variations.

Style guide and logo

Once the logo has been approved, a mini style guide can be created so that other designers know how to work with the logo.

A style guide is useful if the logo is going to form the basis of a website, brand identity or marketing collateral.

Logos based on client brief

These logo studies were based on a fairly lose brief. As you can see, there is a common theme running through the logo studies.

The way the creative brief was interpreted was quite creative and gave the client plenty of ideas.

Creative logo studies

When a client is trying to modernize an existing brand, sometimes it helps to push the designs further than expected.

The results here are very interesting and gave our clients ideas on where he wanted to take his logo and his brand.

Color variation study

Color can dramatically change the look and feel of a logo. This is part of a larger color variation study.

Since color variations are easy to do, we may carry out 30 or so color variations so that a client can choose more precisely.

Color variations on a theme

Early studies are often done on paper since its faster and allows the designer's thought to flow more freely.

Adding color so certain types of sketches brings them alive and allows the client to see more clearly the designer's intention.

Past logos I

Over the years, we must have designed hundreds of logos. It's a shame we don't keep a copy of every logo we create!

As you can see, some logos have dated and some logos are still fairly modern-looking.

Past logos II

Starfish works across all sectors. We build logos for telcos, consultants, retail, healthcare, professional services.

We always have a personal and collaborative approach. Learn more about how we make logos.

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