Holistic SEO


What is holistic SEO?

Like holistic digital marketing, holistic SEO is an all-encompassing strategy towards SEO.

Rather than purely focusing on traditional techniques such as keyword optimization, speed optimization, social media.

Holistic SEO think more of the brand experience, the user experience, the quality of the messages, security – things that would not normally be considered SEO are now part of holistic SEO.

Why holistic SEO matters

You can trust Google to know what users want.

And Google wants what its users want, which is great content and great user experience.

To rank well you need to concentrate on a wider range of factors that will influence how a user experiences your website.

How to tackle holistic SEO

Holistic SEO is a fancy way of saying “looking after your website so that people use it”. This would include:

Regular updates

Keep working on your website throughout the year at a steady pace. Keep it affordable, keep it going.

Take care of security

Security and administration means spending time each year on security “hardening”, website scanning, changing passwords.

Optimize content

Google doesn’t need more content, it needs better content. Improve your content, optimize the phrases, the structure, the grammar and clarity. This is content optimization.

Holistic Digital Marketing

Practice holistic digital marketing too. Provide a better service all round, better information, more contact points. Create a strong online brand. Work on your content.

Work on improving your site speed

Aim for the highest score possible. A fast website is a pleasure to use. Users find themselves clicking around intuitively because nothing is holding them back. Speed optimization is mainly a technical task but it’s also a user experience task too. Reduce clutter, reduce unnecessary animations, concentrate on an essential decluttered brand look.

Learn the basics of SEO

When you collaborate with Starfish, you learn. Start by taking a look at the guide for online promotion. This will get you all fired up to try new and wonderful SEO techniques.