WordPress Development

Develop, maintain and support your custom-built WordPress website. The Starfish team is well-versed in WordPress, HTML and CSS.

How we can help you

WordPress is a fantastic system that allows you to build functionally complex websites reliably and affordably. Even with all the advantages that WordPress brings, it still takes experience to build a website properly. Starfish knows the WordPress system well. We can help you build and sustain your technically non-trivial WordPress website.

WordPress support and enhancements

Our team gives a quick response to changes and improvements to your WordPress system.

WordPress website development

We guide you through the entire process so that you're involved and know your options.

WordPress technology selection

We help you find the right and test the WordPress software stack for your particulars.

Project coordination

Coordinators help you manage your side of the project as well as making sure we do ours.

Services we provide

We provide a full range of services for the project from planning, to design, build launch and maintenance and future upgrades. We work with systems created by other WordPress developers.

WordPress development

As well as WordPress itself, we are familiar with how to develop using the large ecosystem of software that revolves around WordPress. We can integrate WordPress with various systems and software services.

WordPress project management

Websites made in WordPress benefit from a specialist approach to development. Our method of building websites caters to the peculiarities and characteristics of WordPress. The result is a website that requires less effort to build and is easier to maintain.

WordPress support and maintenance

WordPress websites need regular software maintenance and upgrades. We can optimize, update content, add new features, improve functionality, alter code, investigate errors on Starfish or third-party created systems. Learn more about WordPress Support.

Affordable, reliable web work

Our mission is to help you get creative, design and development work as affordably as possible without compromising on quality and reliability of service.


Starfish's WordPress Development service uses Pay As You Go pricing. There are no recurring fees, and it's easy to manage costs. Pay As You Go services can be combined. (Ongoing Digital Support, WordPress Development, Marketing Collateral and Web Maintenance).

Weekly Logs

When your account is active, logs are sent every Monday, detailing how many hours were spent, what they were spent on and by whom.

Credit limits

You're given a credit limit, work stops once the credit limit has been reached. You can pay down your account at any time.

Budgets and estimates

You can set weekly, monthly or fixed budgets. You can ask for estimates per task.

Methods of payments

We accept bank transfer, PayPal (USA or PHP), Wise (TransferWise) or GCash (Philippines).

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