Website portfolio

We work directly with clients from all over the world. We make all types of websites. Our speciality is applying our understanding of business and marketing to website design.

Flex Connection B2B website

Flex Connection makes specialist components for industry. We built two websites and helped with ongoing marketing efforts.

Industrial websites - require a lot of custom configuration and attention to detail.

Moylans Insurance

Moylans Insurance is from Guam. We completely refreshed the brand and made a website with online bill payment functionality.

Professional services websites rely on stock photos to liven up the website and bring the subject to life.

Scanmar corporate website

Scanmar has been our client for many years. We have built and maintained several and websites for them.

This project required strategic planning and conceptualizations to help with the group restructuring.

UNDP - climate change campaign

There were several websites we had to help build and restructure for the UNDP. This website had to be ready for the Paris meeting.

Because of the immovable deadline, this project was a rush job, which required a lot of communication and creative thinking.

Stratus Gas New Company Website

This website is part of a complete package involving branding, logo and marketing collateral.

Stratus Gas was trying to redefine the market and bring a new modern edge to a tired-looking industry.

Terranomads Blog Site

A consumer oriented website created in collaboration a blogger with a passion for travel.

Terranomads has a great feel to it. Its personal to the client and was built and improved over the years.

Fil Invest City Website

Fil Invest was an early project for Starfish. It goes to show that a well-structured, classically designed ages well.

The web was designed to attract investors to a complex of land and properties that had been rebranded.

Magic Potions Ecommerce Site

One of our more complex e-commerce website projects. This is project uses WordPress and WooCommerce.

The complexity of an ecommerce website is in the backend - the front end should always look as simple and elegant as possible.

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