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A ready-to-go development team that works with WordPress, PHP, Laravel and MySQL.

Developers on call

  • Complex site support.
  • Long term support.
  • Easy communication.
  • Experienced management.

Why Starfish?

A long term partner

Hire our developers for small tasks hours or for longer ongoing projects.

Easy communication

Talk directly to developers or with coordinators that organize work.

Diverse skills

Gain access to a wider range of skills to jump on board your web project.

Flexible approach

We use agile techniques to ensure projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Support for complex websites

We offer a friendly service for non-technical (as well as technically-minded people) to get web development support and solutions at affordable prices without resorting to freelancers.

A flexible approach.

You have the ideas, developers have the technical skills. The best way to work together and get optimal results is through planning and collaboration. Starfish offers the means to do this so that things are happen efficiently.

Specialists at hand

Starfish offers free impartial consultancy through-out your stat with Starfish. This is handy because technology choices, project management choices can be bewildering and things can be hyped out.

Long-term support

You need a reliable, professsional team that knows the details of your system and your business. You need people that can jump on the problem with little hassle and who know what they are doing.

Organized structure

Our technical team will help you develop your technically complex web projects. Our techitian are supported by coordinators that make communication easier.

Technologies we support

Get the continued support of web developers in a reliable and affordable manner. Ideal for non-experts that need a hassl-free and reliable service rather than full-time developers.

Technologies we use

  • PHP / Laravel
  • WordPress / Shopify
  • MySQL database
  • APIs / Bootstrap
  • HTML / CSS
  • AWS / JQuery
  • Git

Our development expertise

Starfish has been developing websites for 15 years. Here are some articles to show the level of our knowledge and expertise.

PHP Development

PHP development is the process of making a website or web application using PHP. PHP, which is a backend language, needs to be used in conjunction with front end technologies such as HTML and CSS and databases such as MySQL.
Learn about PHP Development

PHP Support

Starfish has trained developers that supports code made in WordPress and Laravel. We also support other MVC frameworks and home-grown systems too.
Learn about PHP application support

WordPress web development

WordPress development is the construction of a website in WordPress that uses a hand coded approach, as well as prebuilt software like plugins, themes and templates.
Learn about WordPress web development

Website Development

Learn about the technical and practical aspects of making developing a website, a little of its history and why web development takes the form it does today.
Learn about website development

WordPress Support

WordPress support covers all aspects of WordPress support including website maintenance, website speed optimization, security and administration work
Learn about WordPress Support

Developer Rates

We have a range of developers (front end and backend) on our books. Rates start at:

600/hr 13/hr 16/hr 10/hr 9/hr

Our pricing model

Our pricing models: hourly rate, estimate per task, monthly budget. Contact us for details.

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