Consumer oriented websites

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  1. What is a B2C website?


What is a B2C website?

A B2C (business to consumer) website is a website for a business whose target audience are consumers.

Consumers shop around for the right choice. They stay longer on websites that connect with them emotionally and offer a pleasurable user experience.

Consumer oriented (B2C) websites place more importance on visual design since consumer decisions are based on an emotional needs rather than pure logic – although the ability to resolve a practical need at the best possible price is still vital.

The goal of a B2C website is to sell or promote a product or service as well as the brand.

The objectives of a B2C website

Consumers always have the upper hand, so a B2C website must be focused on the needs of the user (rather than the business) in order to make a sale:

  • Make shopping effortless and pleasurable by being fast and friendly.
  • Appeal to the emotional needs of the consumer. Learn more about this in our guide to website promotion.
  • Show the product/service has functional value at the best price. Consumers care about getting the best deal for their budget (except if it’s a luxury brand).


How to design a B2C website

The consumer design process is visual. Get into the mindset of a consumer looking for something. The thought process is going to be fast, unthinking, against the clock.

Website gain their strength through simplicity, not features. If you’re designing a new website focus on something small and exquisite rather than feature rich.


Branding is a great place to start when making a consumer website because no matter what your write or what you create, you’ll want it to have that special feel.

Branding or creating a brand identity needn’t be a highfalutin affair. All you need is some pretty colors and a logo and a bit of taste.

The brand is the shortcut for the consumer to understand what they are looking at. The look has to express what 1000 words can’t.


Stock photos work fine with consumers – as long as they are carefully selected and go with the overall look.

Content writing has to be short and snappy. People do not read, they will “absorb” the words through a process of scanning.

As much as possible, write short sentences with small words.


Marketing a B2C website

Consumers are catered for from every conceivable angle. To give yourself a good chance of getting your business in front of your target audience, you really need to know about digital marketing.

So, how do you get people to visit your consumer oriented website?


Google places a lot of importance on reviews. It’s a trust signal that high up on the list. Give your product away so that people can review it.

Quality Content

Write lots and lots of quality content. We’re talking long articles, long reviews, the ins and outs. Put these articles on your website or on a website that will drive visitors to your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Just having a website isn’t good enough. To make it rank, you need to optimize its words, you got to make it fast and engaging so people stick around. Google knows if people are staying on your site and if they are – your ranking improves.

Advertise on social media

You need the right eyeballs being aware of your brand. Buy them on social media.

Holistic digital marketing

This means doing a little bit of everything and doing it often. Why? Because you’re not going to get it right first time, so you need to know what works for you. Holistic digital marketing is perfect for the smaller, newer B2C website.

Maintaining a B2C website

Once a website is launched, it is just the beginning. Website maintenance is part and parcel of the whole post-launch procedure.

You need maintenance because your website is part of a whole technical ecosystem. There are 20 pieces of software on most modern website that get updated regularly with minor and major improvements.

If you don’t do this, your website will develop minor bugs which will slow the website down and lower your ranking (over time).

Website speed is a major concern these days. It’s something that can only be tackled post-launch website speed optimization.