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Web Design Philippines

You need a reliable and affordable digital partner. Based in the Philippines, we work with businesses, big and small.

We work directly with clients in Australia, Europe, Singapore, the US, and the world over.

You get a lot of guidance and access to a specialist team of web experts.

So, if you’re frustrated with flaky freelancers or wishy-washy web agencies, don’t hesitate to give Starfish a try!

Web expertise

With 15 years in the business, we've got a good handle on what it takes to build, market and maintain a digital presence. Starfish gives you a ready-made team of skilled individuals - ready to work with you and each other.

Our prices

Our goal is to give you the most affordable web work without compromising on quality or service. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, Starfish makes good business sense.

Web design packages

528 USD
3,166 USD

Pay As You Go Services

11 USD /hr
13 USD /hr

Hosting services

123 USD /yr
703 USD /yr

Web Design Packages

There is a website that is right for you and your business. Choose from our range of website packages that targets different types of businesses and business scenarios.

website packages

Get the right type of website for your business.

The type of website you get should match your business needs. Our range of packages will help you get a better fitting website.

Ongoing Digital Support

Improve your website step by step. Work on your digital marketing from time to time. Through a steady and ongoing relationship with Starfish, your digital presence will grow stronger.

Bit by bit, we can improve your digital presence.

We'll help you to get the most out of your websites and digital marketing efforts. Starfish helps you work on it at your own pace.

ongoing digital support

Website Maintenance

Modern websites are sophisticated pieces of machinery. They need to be "oiled" and regularly quality assured. Starfish can help you take care of your website so that it runs smoothly for years to come.

website maintenance

We'll take care of your website. Keep it running smoothly.

Starfish can regularly inspect and apply the latest fixes and software updates to your website.

Marketing Collateral

Work directly with Starfish designers. Get affordable, reliable design work. Get marketing collateral, designs for digital marketing campaigns, improve your branding. Present your business professionally.

Get designs for logos, icons and marketing collateral.

We offer a personal and a reliable service. You get consistently good work at an affordable price.

graphic design

WordPress Development

Starfish are WordPress specialist. As well as making simple WordPress websites, we develop and maintain WordPress websites with a certain level of complexity and customization.

wordpress development

Build, then maintain your custom WordPress website.

Starfish has extensive knowledge of plugins and WordPress software management and development techniques.

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