Web design and development commercial package

Commercial web design package

The Commercial package creates product-focused websites that make it easy for you to manage and sell your products online.

Package focus

Many elements need to come together when making an e-commerce website. Our package provides the specific guidance as well as the technical and design skills needed to make your project a success.

Special guidance

Step-by-step guidance on the many special aspects of e-commerce sites.

E-commerce design

Designs that fit your look but keep to e-commerce design practices.

Custom setup

Premium e-commerce software set up in the right way for your business.

Package outline

This package uses e-commerce software and a unique web design process to create a website for displaying and managing products online. It includes the set up of the product management system, shopping carts, shipping and payment gateways (if needed). You get a high level of guidance and customer service: much-needed because there are many small task to do to build a product-based website to a good standard.

Main components

  • E-commerce technology
  • Content organization and preparation
  • E-commerce design methodology
  • Project guidance
Web Design Philippines commercial website packages

Terms & inclusions

All websites are made in WordPress and WooCommerce. WooCommerce is highly flexible and easy to use, once set up. Setting up credit card payment and shopping cart is included. One shipping table is included. Most extra modules are included in the price). Product entry of 20 products is included. 1 year free hosting is included. Training and support.


  • 5 main pages
  • 5 sections per page
  • 20 products entered
  • 20 categories created
  • 1 shipping table
  • 1 payment gateway
  • 1 year free hosting
  • 90 days warranty
  • 90 days training / support

Frequently Asked Questions

Projects typically take two to three months to go through the entire planning, design and build process. Projects can take less time if you’re ready with your content and ideas.

Everything we do is visible online. You are encouraged to see what we are doing and collaborate!

Our brochure outlines set prices for adding major or minor pages and functionalities. For more complex needs, we’re happy to provide a custom quote.

We use group chats, such as Skype or WhatsApp, and also communicate via emails and Zoom meetings. We adapt to whatever communication method works best for you.

Starfish offers flexible revision terms. During the planning stage, revisions are unlimited. In the later stages, we provide several rounds of revisions, as outlined in our contract.

Upon launch, the website will be under warranty for 90 days against bugs and software errors that may arise.

Yes, all design work, custom content, and custom code will belong to you. The underlying software platform is open source, allowing you to host it anywhere.

For smaller packages (Basic, Essential), the payment terms are 50% down and 50% on completion. For larger packages, payments are divided in 3 equal parts.

Technical features

Websites are built to a high technical standard, making them easier to maintain and use. Our systems are developed using WordPress, which is the industry standard, along with premium plugins. This ensures that your website will be safe, fast, and compatible with the latest browsers. The website—and all its code—is yours to keep, allowing you to freely improve your website after it's built. They are designed with ease of maintenance, ease of improvement, SEO, security, and digital marketing in mind.

Top features

  • Premium construction
  • Easy to add pages / products
  • Easy to manage products
  • Easy to add features
  • Optimized for fast loading
elementor wordpress admin gt

Mobile friendly

Your website will function well, regardless of where it is viewed. It will adjust to fit the device automatically. This includes smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Easy editing

After launch, you will be able to alter your website through a Drag and Drop editor. You can add new sections, pages and functions easily, without coding.

No vendor lock-in

Starfish's technology stack ensures minimal reliance on your developer, offers low ownership costs, and provides the freedom to enhance and transfer your site.

Security Features

All websites come preinstalled with security software to deter hackers.

Analytics Ready

Your website is ready to be hooked up to Google Analytics, enabling you to monitor website traffic.

Advanced SEO Ready

Preinstalled software (Rank Math or Yoast) that lets you take your SEO to the next level, should you need to.

SEO friendly

Your website will already be built to a high technical SEO standard so that it is approved by the search engines.

Easy to maintain

All websites need maintenance, and the key is to keep costs low by making it easy. You can maintain your website yourself, or we can do it for you.

Fast loading pages

Websites are optimized for quick loading by reducing file sizes and using only quality plugins, as website speed impacts search engine ranking.

Service highlights

Our goal is to create websites tailored to the specific needs of your business. We strive to offer affordability without compromising on quality. The Starfish team collaborates closely with you, utilizing our unique approach. This approach comprises a variety of techniques and processes, adapted to suit the specific requirements of your website.

Key highlights

  • Modern, efficient tools.
  • Unique approaches to making websites.
  • Collaborative, team players.
  • Ongoing relationships.
wireframe collage

Close client collaboration

Our relationship with our clients is unique and special. We work closely with our clients so that the results are exact and non-generic.

Friendly team approach

We work in small teams so that there is a good level of specialization on each team. You get to work directly with the members on your team.

Quality assurance

Your friendly coordinator will make sure that your website is complete and without errors before and after launch.

Plenty of guidance

At every step, we will help you understand your choices, guide you through the process and be open about what they are doing.

15 years experience

Starfish is continuously improving, and you have the full weight of our lengthy experience behind you and your project.

Direct international experience

Starfish works directly with end clients from around the world. We do not outsource and we appreciate cultural differences.

Efficient construction

Your website gets built quickly without missing steps or rushing. We use the most modern techniques and strategies to achieve this.

Unique approaches

Our approach is non-generic. Your website will be built in a particular way, suitable to your requirements and business goals.

A lasting relationship

There is always a line open for you. Our clients stay with us for many years since our service is reliable and communication is easy.

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