About The Starfish Web Design Agency

Starfish is a one-of-a-kind agency. What makes us special is a unique blend of creativity, productivity and affordability.





Located in the Philippines, Starfish is a small close-knit team of 15 professionals: creatives, coordinators and techies – at the helm of a British director.

We are a full-service web design and development agency and we work directly with local and international businesses – offering practical web solutions wrapped in a great service.

The World's Most Affordable Web Design Agency

At Starfish, we truly want to give you the agency experience – great care, unique treatment and high-quality work.

Our Goal is to produce quality web work for everyone, everywhere, at an accessible price.

Our Mission is to help you get creative design and development work as affordably as possible without compromising on quality and reliability of service.

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Our Beliefs

We believe that everyone, everywhere should be able to get the agency experience.

We believe that quality work with a reliable service does not need to be expensive.

With 15 years of experience under our belt, we think we know how to make this happen.

Our Core Services

Website Creation

As a web design agency, Starfish works with a variety of websites, but we outdo the stylish, content-driven, strategic, and corporate web design the most. We do not take on extremely complex development projects.

Digital Marketing

Our view on digital marketing is holistic, natural, organic, and scientific. We provide affordable services that enable all year round SEO.

Website Maintenance

We help businesses keep their websites on a tip-top condition throughout the year. From keeping it secure, to adding content, or to tweaking its design or functionality.

Application Support

Being web developers, we understand the need for continuous checking of launched websites/web applications. To look after details to be improved, we offer support services for complex applications, additional features, bug fixing, and code running maintenance.

Design Support

We work with other agencies, marketers, and entrepreneurs to provide design output. We have a fully trained web design team that helps businesses ramp up their marketing efforts creatively.

Our Core Values

Cultural Intelligence

Starfish works with local, international, and foreign businesses, and to do that, we need to have the global mindset. Hiring web developers in Philippines may be a new experience for others. We’re always open to maximize what we know and even learn more while we work with various people in different places of the world.

We respect and value the cultural differences of our clients. We understand the values of our Philippine staff. This unique blend in the global and culturally diverse world can be the right set of people to bring the success in the web work you need.

Dependable, responsive customer service

We work with companies that entrust us with their most valuable assets: their brand, their reputation, and their website.

We are here for you. We’ll be quick to answer all your questions. We make things happen as quickly as possible.

Starfish opens up the channels of communication. We work together to help you in the earliest time possible. You will be involved in the process of attaining your dream output for your website.

Quality web work can be affordable

We don’t want you to spend so much money for your website. Good work is quite often simple work, so let’s get the job done with minimal fuss.

Quality website at a competitive price. We pay attention to detail, polishing, training, and myriad of ways we have out our disposal to deliver good work.

Affordability comes through not biting off more than we can chew and reducing service, design, and technology complexity at all levels.

We’re a professional web development and web design agency at heart

We want to gain your trust. We work as professionals, and we do our work with passion.

We are a beehive of activity. We enjoy what we do, and we love teamwork.

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