Web Strategy

How do you get a website to meet your business objectives? How do you know which business objectives your website should meet?

Starfish gives you the roadmap to revolutionizing your company through the use of digital technology.

We point out the best way to achieve your business goals through the use of digital technology. We can also shape your strategic vision by pointing out how you could use digital technology to influence your market and business activity.

Why have a website?

The benefits of owning a website are somewhat limited to your expectations of what a website can do. Depending on your background or focus, you may think of websites in terms of lead generation, sales, and marketing.

Some think of website in terms of brand building or positive user experience. Starfish can show you how to break free from this limited perspective and view a website and digital in more holistic terms.

Meeting your business goals with a digital strategy

Starfish is up-to-date with global digital trends. As the world changes towards the digital era, Starfish helps companies adapt.

We regularly advise business managers on how to use their money wisely and where to concentrate their efforts. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach. So we advise everyone differently based on their business, target market, budget, and goals.

Starfish can show you how to distil your objectives, ideas, and business requirements into a clear model, so that every last design element and functionality is aligned to meeting your business goals. This is called a digital strategy.

Planning for your digital future

If you are about to embark on a bold move to modernize your web presence or wish to create a brand new digital platform then you may need a plan to align your business resources with your plans for the future.

A website doesn’t function on its own and needs to tap into the organization or business environment that supports it in order for it to function well. Understanding how the needs of your organization can be met through a website and vice versa is imperative to a well-functioning system.

Starfish is able to educate your team and make recommendations as to how your team should handle this project.

Seeing things from a client’s perspective

Your organization and your plans could be fairly complex or convoluted. They may need to be simplified so that it makes sense from the perspective of an outsider who has different objectives, understanding, and ways of communicating than you.

You will also have to take into account their needs and processes in order for your web project to be useful to both you and them. Starfish can weave all of this together to formulate a total strategic plan that aligns your departments, teams, and finances together into a singular vision of a digital future.

Measuring success

How will you know if you are successful? How do you measure the success of your team? How do you analyze failures and react to them?

Starfish will be able to set meaningful targets and methods of measurements that are realistic, qualitative, as well as quantitative.

We can help you reassess your objectives and adjust your tactics so that you get the best possible web service for your time and budget.

When to use our Web Strategy Services

Starfish recommends that you use their consulting services if your company has several departments, or if your online plans are fairly large and complex.

Please talk to a Starfish representative to find out more on how we can help you.

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