Hosting Website Icon Hosting your website

As part of our service, our team of Starfish experts will be available to take care of any hosting concerns you have.

We’re Here to Help

We understand that while most people nowadays choose their own hosting provider, our team will always be available to help you to help fix any technical issues you may face in setting up your your pages. So you can feel secure in your choices and focus on engaging customers.

Domain Name Management

If you want to transfer your domain (your web address) or purchase a domain, we can arrange for that too. And, when it’s time to renew your domain name (every year or two), we will remind you and handle payment so you won’t have to worry about it.

Hosting Support and Monitoring

Nowadays, hosting is very reliable, but there are still technical glitches that occur from time to time. If needed, we can make our servers available to keep backups for you too, just in case. If in the event of any major glitches or issues, we will work with you to try and fix them and get you back up ASAP.

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