The Starfish Advantage

Your website is important to you, and it needs to be done right. You need a practical, economical, and long-term solution.

Starfish provides you with a complete solution. With such a wide range of products and services, Starfish allows you to take advantage of everything that the web has to offer.

Our websites look fantastic, but it’s so much more than that. Take the digital word in your stride with a team of Starfish experts at your side!

A Complete digital solution

As a full-service digital company, we aim to provide every service you are likely to need now and in the future. From content writing and web applications, to web marketing and free advice on how to improve your web business, we aim to do it all for you.

Great support – now and forever

We value long-term relationships, and do our best to maintain them. We guide you step-by-step until it’s totally finished to a high standard. We make sure we can be proud of the work we have done.

But the relationship doesn’t end once your website is up and running. We’re here for you now and forever. There are no monthly costs, but if you need us, we’re here.

Getting the most out of Digital

The Internet is an ever-evolving business opportunity. A website that is out-of-date is a liability. Thus, a cost-efficient, trusted, and reliable relationship with your web developer is important because your web strategy is something that will need regular adjusting, if you’re going to get the most out of it.

Global experience, local rates

We deliver top-quality, customized websites, and web applications to suit all budgets. Starfish is made for those who require a no-nonsense, great-looking website at a reassuringly affordable price. Since we’re based in the Philippines, our rates are very affordable.

We’re easy to work with

No matter where you are or what you do, we’re easy to work with. Clients love how easy we make things for them. We’re here to answer any question you may have in the digital domain, including market trends, social media, and any other topic on your mind. We make suggestions when needed and follow when asked. We’re here to be your online partners, and we treat you as such.

Trusted by many

Over the years, we’ve had many top-notch clients, but we’re here for the little guys too. We offer the same great value to everyone alike, no matter if they are local or international, small or big.

In fact, the majority of our clients come back for more work, and stay with us for years! Take a look at our portfolio to see who has put their trust in us.

Stunning designs!

Always unique, always clean! Starfish websites bring out the best in you. Our websites look so clean because, unlike templated websites like those made from WordPress, ours are designed from the ground up, and based around your specific content and individual needs. Please visit our portfolio.

Full Range of Services