Technology Overview

With Core4 behind the scenes, your Starfish website and web applications are rock-solid, reliable, fast, and safe.

The technology that drives Starfish websites is made by Starfish. We call it Core4,and it’s the technology backbone of Starfish.

It makes all our websites and our web applications safer, faster to build, and reliable.

Core4 gives you options

Core4 ensures you get a quality product that you can rely on now and in the future. With Core4, you can simply add more parts to your online business at any stage. Add a CRM, a shopping cart, or a multilingual website. You won’t have to start from scratch, keeping your investment safe.

Get more done for you in less time

Optimized for professional web development and used by trained programmers – it means we can get things done faster for you, which means you get better value for money and a custom website delivered sooner!

Core4 ties it all together

Your website comes with the Core4 system to make it run better, but also included for free is Starfish Enterprise to help you manage your web applications, and Starfish Content Management System to allow you to edit text and images on your website.

Great features as standard

Core4 comes with some great technical features, as well as a Content Management System. It has storage cache so that your webpages load fast, access features for people with physical disabilities, search-engine friendly URLs, Google Analytics built in, and email management too.

Designed for maintainability

Starfish websites are designed such that our software can be easily maintained by anyone. This means running your site or application is very cheap.

You’re not tied to Starfish

You may have an in-house development team that wish to maintain the website. Should you wish to develop your website elsewhere, you can simply hire people who know PHP and MySQL – both very common technical skills.

Full Range of Services