Systems Analysis & Design

Get a professional assessment of how your company should be using web systems and what those web systems will look like.

If your needs are on the complex side, it may be wise to have a pre-build, full systems analysis so that the build is smoother, and there is no confusion as to what is needed before you go ahead and build your web system.

You can then get Starfish to build your custom software, or you can get your own team to build it.

What is a web system?

A web system is any software that works as a unit to help you run your business. It typically consists of a front-end website, and one or more back-end systems that attend to different aspects of your business. In other words, it’s just a rather complex website or set of websites.

When will I need a systems analysis?

Most of our projects are built with minimal upfront requirements gathering so that you can go along with the way you want things to be after some feedback.

It’s collaborative, and it produces great results. It’s called Agile Software Development. However, if what you require is either business critical or large and complex, then we do recommend laying things out in black and white before anything is designed or developed. This is called a Waterfall Model.

If your development team are not experts in web systems design, or you want to go with Starfish and have a very exact detail of what is involved before you jump in, have an upfront systems analysis. If what you are building needs to be absolutely perfect on launch, either because lives or money are at stake, then get an upfront systems analysis.

If you think what you want for your website is complex and constructed from a business point-of-view, for example, an integrated payroll, or HR system with a recruitment website, get an analysis from our Starfish experts and we’ll make it work.

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