Our Design Philosophy

To appreciate the hard work that goes into every design, you’ll need to understand the thinking behind our designs.

Our job is to give you the best website possible for your budget. It’s sometimes hard for people to appreciate the amount of effort and technique that goes into making every one of our websites. So hopefully, by reading this, you will understand that Starfish websites are truly exceptional.

Our design teams

Starfish websites are designed by multidisciplinary teams, since the best results come when people with different talents and perspectives can come together and influence each other’s thinking and work.

Web design is a business of constant innovation where new ideas, new standards, and new technologies mean that we’re continuously learning and improving ourselves in order to keep serving you the best.

Building websites is not an exercise in aesthetics. The designer does not necessarily have the largest influence. There is a whole raft of skills involved – too much for just one, two, or even three people to know everything. There are at least 6 people with different educational backgrounds on every team.

Neither does the client have the largest influence. Although we do defer to the client, we try to see the client as an equal participant whose influence depends on their ability to help meet the company’s business goals.

The secret lies in managing these talented individuals (including you, the client), so that they can contribute in a productive manner towards a variety of projects, constantly moving forward and finishing the project on time and on a budget.

It takes the skills of business people, communications experts, web technologyexperts, writers, and artists to create a single small website. If you take this into consideration, you will see how Starfish provides exceptional value for money.

About the process

Innovative websites aren’t made on an assembly line. They are made as a collective over time. It’s an organic process. It takes time for knowledge to cross over and sink in. It takes time for ideas to incubate.

This is why we don’t limit design or function decisions to just the beginning. Good ideas can come at any time, and, quite often, the best decisions come later in the day. So we are careful to manage the process so that these ideas can be turned into a reality.

Understanding each other

We’re here to resolve your business problems through design. The way we do it is by constantly finding out more and more about your business throughout the development process. This means we’re able to come up with novel solutions to help your business improve at any stage.

We show or tell you our ideas, and if you like them, we go ahead and implement them. Likewise, if you have a great idea, you don’t have to know it at the beginning. Just tell us your ideas and if it’s not too much trouble, we’ll go and implement it.

Whereas, the average web design company will charge you extra if you change your mind, we try to avoid that unless it’s absolutely necessary. We welcome change because it leads to better websites.

About our look

Our designs are often referred to as ‘clean and modern ’. This is not something we aim for, but something that happens as a consequence of not entertaining frivolous design ideas. Everything on the page happens for a reason. It’s function over form. And the only way to create a perfect form is to work as a team.

This means that we cannot use WordPress, nor would we wish to. Due to its pre-defined styles, it makes it very difficult for us to be truly innovative with WordPress. Content should influence the shape of the website and vice versa. Try doing this with a template system like WordPress.

About our design philosophy

Our design philosophy is Simplicity. This applies to visible design like graphics and text, as well as invisible design such as code and coding standards.

If it’s not needed, get rid of it. If there is a simpler, more understandable way of doing things, don’t complicate things if only to prove how clever you are. If you don’t know why it exists, get rid of it. Don’t build a feature unless it significantly makes life a lot easier. Remove the clutter. Be ruthless.

Everything we create is simple to use, simple to build, and simple to maintain.

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