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Logo design doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. It’s a question of trial and error and giving good feedback to our designers.

Feedback is the key to cost efficient logo design

Most clients understand their brand values but just need help in expressing it. We do various studies and then ask for your feedback. We repeat this process honing in on the design until it’s completely polished.

It’s done when it’s done

We don’t limit the amount of time nor the number of revisions; our designer simply starts designing in two hour increments. When you’re happy with your logo we stop. Simple.

We research and understand your brand first

Logo design is fairly complex. Our designers have to research into symbolism, color language, typefaces, industry logo trends and corporate and brand identity. Only then can the work begin in earnest.

Flexible logo design with impact

Although logos should not change drastically, they can be tweaked over time to remain current. We try to keep our designs simple and classic so that they remain timeless but are also adaptable

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