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Good content writing is an essential part of a professional website. Let users know who you are and take action through clear communication.


We can write short copy for your website that will get the message across quickly and easily. We can edit your text to use words that are simple to understand and confidently get the message across.

Search-Engine-Friendly Copy

Never write solely for Search Engines. Websites that have keywords peppered within long paragraphs are hard to read. It alienates people and makes them feel like you don’t care about them – why else would you waste their time? Starfish’s approach is to write well, write about particular subjects, and to write a lot. We can help you do that too.

A constant and pleasant tone

Think about the voice that’s going through your head as you read this. Your readers will subconsciously do the same. Our copywriters will try to give personality to your copy as if they were listening to someone speaking.

To be persuasive, this person will need to sound professional, not sales-y and not snooty, but friendly and up-beat.

Writing for multiple audiences

Your website has the difficult task of addressing many different people who have come to your website for a variety of reasons. How do you write to a technical expert without sounding “too simplistic”, as well as the CEO who just wants the boiled down version? Starfish can help you reach everyone by working out a content strategy and writing clearly, consistently and with the right tone.

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