Content Strategy

Quality content is king because it’s valuable and rare. Hence, it deserves the royal treatment.

Getting content for the website is often an overlooked obstacle. Everyone assumes it’s easy to do, but it’s not. By creating a content strategy, Starfish can break things down for you so that it’s manageable and achievable.

Who writes the content in your company?

Content is difficult because most companies are not set up to write their own content. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce engaging, well-researched content. But since we expect it to be easy, we don’t allocate enough resources to it.

Under-resourced – the job is piled onto the responsibility of some poor soul in marketing, IT, or worse still, the boss. The art of writing the content is doing it in their spare time, of which there isn’t a lot – so it never gets finished. We speak from experience!

Quality content is more important than ever before. The point of good content is to show expertise, mastery of domain, and to build trust and empathy from your potential clients towards you. This truly is the Information Age.

As internet usage spreads, companies are publishing more and more content to grab our attention. In every industry, competition is heating up online. To stand out, you need to be the one that people listen to – and this means saying something interesting, rather than saying the usual marketing waffle.

Also, Google is getting more aggressive against spam. So you can’t just write keyword-stuffed nonsense and expect to get away with it. Content has to make sense, be grammatically correct, and well-structured for Google to give it the thumbs up.

Search-Engine-Friendly Copy

Never write solely for Search Engines. Websites that have keywords peppered within long paragraphs are hard to read. It alienates people and makes them feel like you don’t care about them – why else would you waste their time? Starfish’s approach is to write well, write about particular subjects, and to write a lot. We can help you do that too.

Writing for multiple audiences

Your website has the difficult task of addressing many different people who have come to your website for a variety of reasons. How do you write to a technical expert without sounding “too simplistic”, as well as the CEO who just wants the boiled down version? Starfish can help you reach everyone by working out a content strategy and writing clearly, consistently and with the right tone.

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