Content Management System

Manage your own content. Safely edit the text and images on your website. It’s free, flexible, are very easy to use.

The Starfish CMS was built with flexibility in mind – it can be set up so that you can edit almost any text or image on any page of your website.

It’s so simple to use too! There’s no setting up (we do that for you), all the technical complexities are hidden, but you have access to them if you want to change things like fonts, colors or alignment.

Features and Benefits

  • CMS is very easy to use
  • Free training and manuals provided as standard
  • Manage your media collection with ease
  • Upload, resize, add, and change images instantly
  • Use Metadata to describe articles, photos, and images to improve SEO
  • Organize images of your website organized by managing them from a single location
  • Keep the content of your website fresh and up-to-date
  • Post news articles or special announcements
  • Edit numerous custom forms on your website
  • Manage a blog (including writing, editing, and publishing)
  • Organize photo galleries on website
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