Objective assistance

Digital technology is destroying old ways of conducting business and creating new ones.

Understanding how best to use digital technology is now of critical importance to the growth of most companies.

Whilst everyone appreciates how important digital technology is, some companies, for one reason or another, are struggling to adapt, resulting in lost market share, as well as a sub-standard web presence.

Starfish consultancy services are for companies that need strategic help in embracing the digital revolution. The digital revolution isn’t a website. Starfish started its consultancy service because we found that a lot of companies that we built websites for didn’t know what to do with them afterwards.

Our websites seemed to stay the way they were for years until they decided that it was time for an overhaul. It takes a lot more time and effort to maintain a website that one may initially appreciate. But it’s near impossible to maintain one if your company hasn’t got the time and people resources in place for this to happen.

Starfish can help your company realign resources, educate your staff, plan out where it wants to go digitally, and then take the necessary steps to make a successful transition.

Who should use this service?

Whilst we offer free pre-sales advice throughout the build of the website, you may wish to engage us in a consultative capacity, if:

  • You are about to embark on a large website project, you may have Starfish do a little background work to make sure your ideas are sound.
  • You are trying to make a complex website and you want to build up some pre-project momentum.
  • You wish for your in-house team to carry out a web project but want to make sure that they are up to the job.
  • You are a large company and you wish to know what to change within your company to make it digital-proof.
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