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Plans and Pricing

When it comes to web design and development work, Starfish offers the most competitive prices in the Philippines. Whether local or international, small or medium-sized business, we offer the best options for you.

Global digital agency experience at local web company prices

Starfish has a long history of working with local and international companies. Our prices satisfy the needs of both markets by providing a personal touch, global digital agency advice but at the price of a local web company.

Digital agencies are different to typical website companies, in that the staff work in a more collaborative way ensuring better results. Website companies have people working in a more linear fashion ensuring cheaper prices. Starfish gives you the best of both worlds through a variety of proprietary techniques and design strategies.

Price of website packages

We have website packages to suit all budgets and circumstances. You can start small then increase budget over time to ensure better results and sophistication in our service. We mainly charge for our efforts – the challenge being to balance effort with price.

The Essential Range

The Essential range is ideal for small, local businesses that need a straightforward and basic web solution to start off their online branding goals.

  • Simple, clean designs
  • Marketing websites
  • Local businesses
  • Clear and bright

The Professional Range

Ideal for established, high-profile or service-oriented businesses that need a business-class web service and solution.

  • Elegant designs
  • Branded Company websites
  • Established or service businesses
  • Strategic planning
PHP (₱)USD ($)AUD (A$)EUR (€)GBP (£)
30,000 - 90,000606 - 1818872 - 2617536 - 1610480 - 1440
PHP (₱)USD ($)AUD (A$)EUR (€)GBP (£)
90,000 - 150,0001818 - 30312617 - 43611610 - 26831440 - 2401

Digital Marketing Prices

Our digital marketing solutions are affordable and practical. We make our prices low so that even the smallest of businesses can afford our services, as we believe that in this modern day digital marketing is a must to establish a brand and every business should have an equal chance to do well in the digital area. Our digital marketing process involves iterative and continuous improvements – we make sure to track your business regularly and pivot to better approaches as immediately as possible to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck.

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Keyword Improvements
  • Research and Planning

Complete range of services

We have a modern, holistic and non-aggressive approach. For this we allow you to explore all digital marketing activities to find out what works best for you and your business.

Lowest prices in the Philippines

We charge a low hourly rate. There is no minimum spend, no monthly tie-in. Our service is aimed at those wishing to sustain digital marketing over time, rather than quick fixes.

PHP (₱)USD ($)AUD (A$)EUR (€)GBP (£)
cost per hour6001216109

Digital Assistance Services Pricing

As a digital agency, we really get to know our clients personally as well as their businesses. This means we can offer help where others can’t. From simple clerical tasks like content entry, to research and planning – our service gives you proactive hands where and when you need them.

Website Upkeep

Websites are an integral part of any business, yet they are rarely kept up to date with the latest changes within a business. We make sure to maintain the pristine condition of your website and do the necessary updates.

Planning and Clerical

Planning may include calendar planning, staff rotation, and social media planning. Clerical work can be data entry, logs evaluation, transcription, and minor bookkeeping.

Digital Collateral

Digital collateral usual refers to digital marketing material but can also include training documents, sales presentations, brochures and menus.

Complete help - all year round

We can help you keep your website investment safe, and even improve its performance over time. Our yearly contracts will ensure that your website is looked after.

Lowest prices for digital agency work

We offer the lowest prices so that you can work on your online presence even with a lower budget. We like to give small businesses the opportunity to compete in the market and give them equal opportunity with bigger businesses online. At Starfish we are inclusive and we always listen to our clients. We make sure that we provide you the service that you deserve within the budget you can offer.

PHP (₱)USD ($)AUD (A$)EUR (€)GBP (£)
cost per hour6001216910

Design Support Prices for Ongoing Marketing Collateral

Starfish supports your sustained digital marketing efforts. Starfish charges an hourly rate because it allows for instant flexibility and scalability. Based in the Philippines, our price is based on the standard and efficiency of our designers of our designers to deliver quality results, day-in, day-out. They are all proficient in their tools of choice.

Low hourly rates for ongoing relationships

We allow you to maintain a high-level of design output both in terms of quality and quantity! By keeping our rates low and helping you maintain a cost-efficient workflow.

Features and benefits

  • Able to scale up for seasonal demand
  • Able to conform to local tastes and standards
  • Consistent production process
  • Consistent level of quality
  • Regular team meetings to improve work
PHP (₱)USD ($)AUD (A$)EUR (€)GBP (£)
cost per hour75015201311

Web Application Development Support Prices

For startups, entrepreneurs and digital agencies that need an extra pair of hands to support and improve applications after launch. Prices reflect the efficiency and training of our staff and the fact that they are bases in the Philippines.

Fixed price or open hourly rates

Keeping an eye on budgets is paramount and we allow you to manage your costs by offering two charging models that can be used interchangeably and when appropriate.

Effective prices for long term support

We maintain long term relationships by charging reasonable rates considering the level of attention and service an offer.

PHP (₱)USD ($)AUD (A$)EUR (€)GBP (£)
cost per hour75015201311

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